Fall 2019 Workshop

August 29    Welcome Back Session

September 5    Jason Houle, Dartmouth College

September 12    Mustafa Yavas, Yale University
White-Collar Blues? Quality of Work Life of Turkish Elite Business Professionals

September 19    Professionalization Workshop

September 26    Ken- Hou Lin, University of Texas at Austin

October 3    Esther Chan, Yale University

October 10    Natasha Quadlin, Ohio State University
Whom Do You Believe? Assessing Credibility of the Accuser and Accused in Sexual Assault

October 17   Break

October 24    Kristin Turney, University of California-Irvine
Vicarious and Contingent Consequences of Adolescent Police Exposure

October 31    Professionalization Workshop

November 7    Taylor Hargrove, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

November 14    Kim Goyette, Temple University 
Vicious Cycle of School, and Residetnial Segregation

November 21    Michael Hout, New York University 
The Role of Higher Education in Social Mobility May Be More Complicated Than You Think

November 28    Break

December 5   Rene Flores, University of Chicago