Spring 2020 Workshop

January 16    Alexandra Killewald, Harvard University

For Richer: Marriage and Wealth Accumulation

January 23    Forrest Crawford, Yale University
Social and Epidemiological Contagion

January 30    Emily Erikson, Yale University
The Early Modern Transformation in Economic Thought

February 6    Eunmi Mun, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
What do Employees do after a Mandatory Leave Policy? The FMLA and Women’s Representation in U.S. Organizations

February 13    Adaner Usmani, Harvard University
The Origins of Mass Incarceration 

February 20    Keitaro Okura, Yale University
Stereotype Promise? The Effects of Teacher Perceptions on Asian Student Performance

February 27    Arun Hendi, Princeton University
Measuring Inequality in Life Expectantcy Following Eras of Educational Expansion

March 5    Jeffrey Sachs, Yale University
Imposing Fairness Constraints on Diffusion Rate Inequality

March 12    Spring Break

March 19    Spring Break

March 26   Sarah Brayne, UT Austin
Big Data as Social: The Case of Policing

April 2    Paul DiMaggio, Princeton University

April 9    Hannah Tessler, Yale University
When do Students Attend their first choice Schools? Race and College Application Strategy

April 16   Professionalization Seminar — Conference Talks