CERSI Workshop - Spring 2018

Thursdays, 12:00p-1:20p

210 Prospect Street, Room 203

The workshop focuses on theoretical and methodological issues in the areas of the life course (education, training, labor markets, aging as well as family demography), social inequality (class structures, stratification, and social mobility) and related topics. The core of the workshop is devoted to the discussion of ongoing research by faculty and graduate students. The workshop will also include lectures and hands-on practical training in select topics in quantitative research methodology.

Spring 2018 Workshop Schedule and Speakers

January 1    Fellows Meeting

January 25    Roundtable

February 1    Vincent Roscigno, Ohio State University 
Demystifying Publishing in Sociology Journals: Insights, Problems and Possibilities 

February 8    Chris Browning, Ohio State University 
Neighborhoods: Activity Spaces, and Adolescent Wellbeing: Preliminary Findings from the Adolescent Health and Development in Context Study 

February  15    Emily Hannum, University of Pennsylvania
Childhood Poverty and Early Adulthood Welfare Outcomes in China

February 22    Emily Erikson, Yale University
Cultural Holes and Early Economic Texts

March 1    Bernice Pescosolido, Indiana University
Rethinking the Past and Future of Sociology: The Case of Suicide

March 8    Hyunjoon Park, University of Pennsylvania 
Trends in Marriage Among Korean Men: Changing Composition of the Domestic Marriage Marker and Growth in International Marriage

March 29    Jennie Brand, UCLA
Unequal Families, Unequal Effects: How Parental Divorce Differentially Impacts Children’s Educational Attainment

April 5    Jing Ping, Yale University 
Path Matters: Residential Mobility and Neighborhood Effect on High School Graduation

April 12    Tom Lyttelton, Yale University 
Lifestyle and Class in the Contemporary United States

April 19    Roundtable