Benjamin Kaplow's picture Benjamin Kaplow
Research Interests: Social Theory; Comparative-Historical Sociology; Sociology of Religion; Cultural Sociology
Stephane Andrade's picture Stephane Andrade
Research Interestes: Ethnography; Urban & Community Sociology; Race & Ethnicity; Poverty; Inequality; Neighborhoods; Personal Networks; Qualitative Methods
Yuqing ‘Dorothy’ Wu's picture Yuqing ‘Dorothy’ Wu
Research Interests: Social Psychology; Culture; Theory; Race/Gender/Class; Ethnography; Ethnomethodology
Navin Kumar's picture Navin Kumar
Research Interests: Areas: Drug use, Sex work, HIV/AIDS, Social networks, Masculinity
Jeffrey Sachs's picture Jeffrey Sachs
Research Interests: Cultural Sociology; Organizations; Markets; Sociology of Knowledge and Science; Social Theory; Mathematical and Qualitative Methods
Nicholas Occhiuto's picture Nicholas Occhiuto
Research Interests: Economic Sociology; Organizational Theory; Work and Occupations; Nonmarket Strategy
Esther Chan's picture Esther Chan
Research Interests: Religion, Education, Race and Ethnicity, Gender and Sexuality, Science and Medicine
Kayla Thomas's picture Kayla Thomas
Research Interests: Culture; Collective Behavior and Social Movements; Immigration; Class and Race
Jing Ping's picture Jing Ping
Research Interests: Inequality; Poverty and Mobility; Community and Urban Sociology
Keitaro Okura's picture Keitaro Okura
Research Interests: Social Stratification & Mobility; Immigration; Education; Race & Ethnicity
Philip V. McHarris's picture Philip V. McHarris
Research Interests: Race and Ethnicity, Urban Sociology, Sociology of Punishment, Inequality, Mixed-Methods
Demar Lewis's picture Demar Lewis
Research Interests: Prisoner Reentry, Race/Ethnicity, Inequality, Historical Sociology, Law & Society
Hannah Tessler's picture Hannah Tessler
Research Interests: Race; Ethnicity; Migration; Education; Intersectionality
Tony Cheng's picture Tony Cheng
Research Interests: Urban Sociology, Law and Society, Crime and Law Enforcemen
Inkwan Chung's picture Inkwan Chung
Research Interests: Educational Inequality, Stratification and Mobility, Quantitative methods, Social demography
Thomas Lyttelton's picture Thomas Lyttelton
Research Interests: Social Class, Health and The Life Course
Margaret Traeger's picture Margaret Traeger
Research Interests: Social Networks and Health
Mustafa Yavas's picture Mustafa Yavas
Research Interests: Class and Culture, Sociology of Work, Political Sociology, Social Networks, Comparative-Historical Sociology, Computational Sociology