Inequality and Life Course Workshop - Spring 2015

Fridays, 2:30p-4:00p

210 Prospect Street, Room 203

The workshop focuses on theoretical and methodological issues in the areas of the life course (education, training, labor markets, aging as well as family demography), social inequality (class structures, stratification, and social mobility) and related topics. The core of the workshop is devoted to the discussion of ongoing research by faculty and graduate students. The workshop will also include lectures and hands-on practical training in select topics in quantitative research methodology.

Workshop Schedule and Speakers

Jan 23
Gender, Fear, and Public Places: How Negative Interactions with Strangers Harm Women
Jan 30
Penalty or Premium? The Effect of Parenthood on Wages of Men and Women in Professional Occupations

Feb 6
Social and Biological Linkages in Health and Well-Being across the Life Course

Feb 13
The Effect of College Expansion on Marriage and Fertility: A Causal Analysis of the South Korean Experience

Feb 20
New Organizational Forms and the Development of Economics

Feb 27
The Subjective Foundations of Rising Inequality in the U.S.

Mar 6
Labor’s Love Lost: The Rise and Fall of the Working-Class Family in America

Mar 27
Connected in Crime: How Co-Offending Networks Influence the Contagion of Violence

Apr 3
The American Affordable Housing Crisis: Eviction, Exploitation, Poverty, and Survival

Apr 10
The gendered process of Mexican migration to the U.S.: The intersection of marriage and mobility

Apr 17
Jung In


Apr 24
Race, income, and inequality in Educational Outcomes in the United States

Papers are only available to participants of this workshop. If you are not a participant and you would like to request a paper, please contact the speaker directly.